About me

Peter McKenzie (PhD, MA ClinFamTher)

This supervisor has been approved to provide supervision under the ACCESS TO SUPERVISION PROJECT.

I'm an anthropologist, clinical family therapist and academic. I currently hold the Carer Academic (mental health) position at The Bouverie Centre, School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University, which focuses on families, family inclusion, caring and the carer lived experienced workforce and peer support. I have had significant personal caring and professional experience in the mental health sector, including CMHSS and clinical services. My other currents roles at the Centre include principle research supervisor in the higher degree research program, family practice consultant in the mental health program and clinical family therapist. I have a particular interest in ethnographic, collaborative and experienced based design research methodologies. My therapeutic approach draws from narrative therapy, open dialogue, single session and mindfulness. My ways of working are through reflective and collaborative practices, trialogue . My clinical work focuses on families and relationships with complex needs/trauma, Borderline Personally Disorder and complex PTSD.

This supervisor has been approved to provide supervision under the ACCESS TO SUPERVISION PROJECT. If you are a supervisee who has received an approval email/letter from the CMHL you may contact this supervisor for supervision for this project, then follow the stated processes for supervision payment.

My experience

I have been providing reflective practice supervision and training workshops to a range of sectors (mental and community health practitioners, carer lived experience workforce, welfare and counselling services) for over 15 years; including individual, peer, team and group work.

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My current role/work

Carer Academic (mental health), The Bouverie Centre, School of Psychology and Public Health, La Trobe University

My training

PhD anthropology/social sciences, Clin FamTher - (clinical family therapy) registration with Australian Association of family therapy, RET (Radical Exposure Tapping - level 1, 'Deactivating the Buttons' www.radicalexposure.com), EMDR, Behavioral Family Therapy, Narrative therapy, SST, clinical supervision, cultural awareness and safety (Aboriginal and CALD)

My approach to supervision

Reflective/collaborative practice, drawing from narrative outsider witnessing and reflective and peer principles; with a focus on the needs of the supervisee and the supervision partnership/relationship

Family Carer
Specialty areas:
Peer support,Consumer or family carer consultant,Policy development,Strategic thinking
Mode of delivery:
In person,Phone,Online
Supervision size:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
Happy to be contacted to negotiate a suitable time.
Inner city suburbs, West/North-West. Also can be negotiated
Geographical area availability for supervision
This rate would be for an individual, but can be negotiated with supervisee if they are personally paying for external supervision. Groups or team supervision would incur a different rate