About me

This supervisor has been approved to provide supervision under the ACCESS TO SUPERVISION PROJECT. If you are a supervisee who has received an approval email/letter from the CMHL you may contact this supervisor for supervision for this project, then follow the stated processes for supervision payment.

I have recently returned from a sojourn across the globe to “find myself” as they say (I seem to have gone missing to myself a lot in my life :)) though on this time round I think I finally grasped that I will never be found and I have never been lost, but nonetheless I will continue to spiral around because that's just what we do.

I became involved the consumer movement in 2010 after one of my earlier downward spirals took an upturn although I am a sound technician/engineer “by trade” and worked in that field prior to and throughout my involvement in the consumer workforce. I do love music and sound but I do love learning, personal growth and connecting and creating with others. There are a few trusty practices that have served my wellness day in and day out over many years, they are yoga, meditation, and most recently, breathwork. I am now finding ways to share these with others. As an adjunct I offer my services to support the consumer workforce that I contributed to developing over the previous years.

Other important information you’ll be glad you know is that I love to cook, climb mountains (real ones), I co-parent a cat, I’m learning Español, I like dancing, chocolate and sun.

My experience

Previously held roles in the consumer workforce include:

Consumer Academic, Centre for Psychiatric Nursing & Department of Social Work, University of Melbourne - 2016-2020

Consumer Workforce Development Co-ordinator, CMHL - 2018-2019

Peer Support Co-ordinator, Inner West Area Mental Health Service (clinical) - 2015-2018

Consumer consultant/Peer support worker, Inner West Area Mental Health Service (clinical) - 2010-2015

Additionally, I was a part of the project team which co-produced the Consumer Perspective Supervision framework, 2018.

My current role/work

Self employed:
Independent consumer perspective supervisor
Yoga therapist (mental health) & breathwork facilitator

My training

Going Deeper Together with IPS, Intentional Peer Support (IPS)
Intentional Peer Support advanced training, IPS
Intentional Peer Support core training, IPS

IPS Narrative Therapy Approaches to Supervision, Shona Russell (SA)

Alternatives to Suicide group facilitation, Western Massachusetts Recovery Learning Community (USA)
Emotional CPR (eCPR), Daniel Fisher (USA)
PeerZone facilitator training, PeerZone (NZ)
MIND 5 day Peer Work training, MIND Australia
Using Your Story in Peer Work, Voices Vic
Group Facilitation for Peer Workers, Voices Vic

Principles of Qualitative Research, University of Melbourne
Ethics and Law in the Mental Health Setting, North Western Mental Health Vic
Victorian Mental Health Leadership Program, Leadership Victoria

Yoga therapy training, Amrit Yoga Institute (USA)
RYS 200hr Yoga Alliance Yoga teacher training, Kula Collective (Guatemala)
Shamanic breathwork facilitator training, Venus Rising (USA)

My approach to supervision

How a person likes to use supervision seems to be as individual as we are. I like to discuss expectations, intentions and possibilities at the beginning so we are on the same page...which can simply remain a blank page if that’s what will work for us but mostly it’s important to see if it “just feels right”.

My personal values relating to supervision:
• A persons autonomy/self-determination is the number one priority. How does this look in a supervision context? The person determines what subject areas/issues we discuss, which elements they want to focus on, what level of support they want for each area ie just talking it out, feeling heard, inquiry, develop a coaching plan, setting themselves a level of accountability etc.

• To address challenges is essential AND pushing people into challenges they are not ready for or have not self determined is counterproductive.

• Syncing the body, mind and inner wisdom leads to healthy choices and actions that are in alignment with the persons values and intentions.

• Peer/consumer work is inextricably linked to our personal lived experience and can be compartmentalised or blended according to the persons preferences and what works best for them - meaning it is up to the person to what degree they share or relate the work issue we are exploring/discussing to their personal lived experience where it will assist them in expansion within their work role

• We all have the answers we seek inside and can discover them with exploration, inquiry and stillness.

• Mutuality provides a fertile space for learning and growing for all involved. Supervisor and supervisee are both students and teachers at once, creating new learning experiences unique to each.

• No one needs fixing AND expanding our awareness and skill set is of value.

• Paradoxical concepts or worldviews can exist and form truths at the same time.

• Authenticity precedes learning and growth.

• There is no single right path or solution - all possibilities are important, valid, an option.

• Having fun often helps.

Tools or practices that can be drawn on as preferred:
• sharing of personal strategies and experiences
• good ol' pen and paper to nut out pros/cons/strengths/weaknesses of a situation
• focussing on strengths to move towards
• physical movement to shift perspective, shift emotions etc
• techniques such as visualisation to tune into a personal intuition regarding the issue/topic to mobilise personal agency
• intention setting for the session
• beginning mini meditation/centering
• closing meditation/centering - release of the session and intention for rest of the day

Specialty areas:
Peer support, Consumer or family carer consultant, Policy development, Strategic thinking
Mode of delivery:
In person, Phone, Online
Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly
Supervision size:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
This availability is applicable from January 2021. I will be available for enquiries between now and then.
Melbourne metro accessible by public transport
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