About me

This supervisor has been approved to provide supervision under the ACCESS TO SUPERVISION PROJECT. If you are a supervisee who has received an approval email/letter from the CMHL you may contact this supervisor for supervision for this project, then follow the stated processes for supervision payment.

I am a carer with lived experience having cared for and about a family member for the past 17+ years. My passion is drawn from wanting to make difference in the lives of other family/carer members and advocating for improved service delivery that is respectful and inclusive of Family/Carers. I am committed in growing the lived experience family/carer workforce including appropriate structures and increasing family/carer participation through codesign and co-production principles into governance.

My experience

I have been employed by Monash Health, Mental Health Program as a Family/Carer Consultant since 2008 initially into a Child and Adolescence Mental Health (CAMHS) role and later adding an Adult Family/Carer Consultant role and then was appointed into a Senior Family/Carer Consultant Role in Adult and Child and Youth Mental Health Services CYMHS. During this time I was Acting Director of the Consumer and Carer Relations team of 11 lived experience staff for 2.5 years. I provide 1-1 supervision to family/carer positions.
At the beginning of my lived experience work I was one of the first group to be trained in Intentional Peer Support (IPS) more than 10 years ago by the developers of the course and have completed refresher courses and Advanced IPS training since incorporating co-reflection.
I was involved in the first consumer and family/carer positions being placed in Inpatient Units at Monash Health about 7 years ago in youth unit, mother and baby unit and Secure Extended Care units. I was involved in the model of care for the lived experience peer workforce and supervision and co-reflection structures.
In 2013 I was appointed to the position of Victorian Carer Representative on the National Mental Health Consumer and Carer Forum (NMHCCF) holding an executive role for 5 of those years.
By 2016 I joined the Carer Peak Body Board Tandem and am still currently on the Board.
From 2017 I also Joined the Leadership Team for the Carer Lived Experience Workforce (CLEW) and am currently the Chair. Through CLEW I facilitate Group Supervision monthly for the Carer Workforce.
I joined the Lived Experience Expert Reference Group at the DHHS in 2017 and have now moved to the Lived Experience Advisory Group supporting the co-design and co-production of the Mental Health Reform Victoria work.
I currently am a sessional Community Member of the Mental Health Tribunal since 2017.
Around 2018 I joined the Mental Health Complaints Commission Advisory Committee.
From 2018 I have been involved in the Carer Supervision Framework Working Group.
I was involved in the development group for the Mental Health Family/Carer Workforce Strategy and the Lived Experience engagement Framework and currently sit on the Lived Experience Workforce Advisory Group to the DHHS.

My current role/work

Senior Family/Carer Consultant - Monash Health
Tandem Board Member
NMHCCF Vic Carer Representative
CLEW Chair

My training

IPS Core Training
IPS Refresher Training
IPS Advanced Training
Cert IV Mental Health Peer Work
Cert IV Training and Assessment
Advanced Diploma of Management
Graduate Certificate in Community Services Practice (Client Management) in Collaboration with Victorian Transcultural Mental Health Culturally Responsive Practice

My approach to supervision

I like to discuss a range of approaches with the supervisee and find a mutually suitable method of approach. I value the supervisee being involved in the decision making and/or directing the approach preferred. I find this allows the persons to have their needs met in regards to their expectations and feel at ease in engaging in the process. This can be formal or informal.
I am offering this service as the family/carer workforce is very small and still growing and I want to be able to grow the interest in providing supervision. I feel I have the years of experience, the history of the workforce and the current knowledge to support the commencement of these very important component of workforce supports. I have been passionate about the support structures and sustainability of the lived experience workforce for some years and am willing to invest my time in this area as we grow capacity. I value open discussion and have confidence that the supervisee has many of the answers and can facilitate this approach and put this into practice. Supervisees have told me they find me very approachable and value this time together on a regular basis. It is however a very personal thing so I'm open to a discussion prior and a trial period.

Family Carer
Specialty areas:
Peer support, Consumer or family carer consultant, Policy development, Strategic thinking
Mode of delivery:
Phone, Online
Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly
Supervision size:

  • Monday
    • (Evening)
  • Tuesday
    • (Evening)
  • Wednesday
    • (Evening)
  • Thursday
    • (Evening)
  • Friday
    • (Evening)
  • Saturday
  • Sunday
I live regionally in Victoria and normally commute to Dandenong each day for work.
During COVID I will only be providing Online or Telephone services. 2021 May change back to face to face.
Dandenong following COVID
Geographical area availability for supervision
This includes 90 minute online or phone supervision and copy of supervision report.
Sessions provided out of business hours only.