About me

I am a knowledgeable and skilled peer supervisor in the Mental Health sector. I have my own lived experience of complex mental health issues and recovery. Having lived with severe mental health concerns for much of my life I was able to overcome them and experience recovery after putting in a lot of hard work. I use these experiences, combined with my extensive professional background to support others to utilise best practices based on the recovery framework. I am extremely passionate about mental health, recovery and peer work.

I am a business owner, providing support under the NDIS in the areas of Support Coordination, Recovery Coaching, Social Work and Group Work. We also provide sector training to new, experienced and industry leaders to support the overall improvement of the NDIS and community sector.
I am a passionate advocate for mental health and disability and how these labels do not define anybody. I approach my work with compassion, understanding and a unique ability to connect with people from all walks of life. My goal is to support others to strive for continued high standards in our work to ensure the safety and happiness of those we support.

My team and I provide Peer Supervision to many individuals and businesses and we look forward to chatting with you to see how we can support you to excel in your work.

My experience

I have had many years of experience as a peer assessor, peer adviser, peer supervisor, consumer board member, trainer, service provider, employee, director, and all-around general human being!

I started my journey into the mental health field after successfully battling my way through the jungle of my own mental health recovery. This armed me with a unique perspective and some pretty cool knowledge, which I soon realised allowed me to create unique connections with other people who might have been experiencing similar things.

I then started my study journey and spent a few years in the classroom, absorbing as much "book learning" as I could, in the hope my personal knowledge would seem more important with a certificate next to it! My passion for helping others in similar positions meant I was keen to get involved in work and the consumer movement from day one. I started to actively seek out these positions and was able to get some great experience in the following environments, each of these roles has had a cosumer/peer-led focus to it:

- Juvenile Justice - Mentorship - My role was to support young men leaving prison to integrate back into the community
- HIV and Related Programs - My role was to support injecting substance users by providing education, personal support, clean equipment, counselling, and peer support
- Sunrise Way - Drug and Alcohol Residential Rehab -My Role was to provide counselling and support to residents of the program.
- Partners in Recovery - My role was to provide complex mental health case management to participants
- NDIS - I have been working in the NDIS sector since it began in the Ipswich Region around 2016
- ACU - I have been employed by The Australian Catholic University since 2015 as a consumer assessor and lecturer where my role is to support and guide students to understand the "real world" of mental health and its nuances from the perspective of a lived experience consumer.
- Business experience - I own two businesses that are both focused on Mental Health and Disability service delivery and training.

I am a non-clinical supervisor. My role as a supervisor is based on my current knowledge and skills as outlined here. My focus is peer-led supervision and I do not provide any clinical supervision.

My current role/work

I am the Managing Director of Ethical Caring Group Pty Ltd and Mind Grown Pty Ltd. Both businesses were built to provide a high level of service and support to participants, providers, carers, supporters and staff within the COmmunity Services sector.
I have a staff of 11 Support Coordinators, Recovery Coaches and Social Workers on my team. We work primarily in the complex mental health space, however, we work with all disabilities and pride ourselves on being a business of learning and skill building.

Mind Grown Training was developed to bring exciting, self-paced online training to the sector. We consider ourselves to be experts in the fields of SUupport Coordination and Recovery Coaching among our other skills, and we wanted to bring our unique style of learning and make it accessible to all.

We take the act of learning and upskilling very seriously, and we are passionate about helping others grow and learn with us.

My training

I have various qualifications including:
- Diploma in Mental Health
- Diploma in Counselling (Current)
- Diploma in Alcohol and other Drugs
- Certificate IV in Mental Health
- Certificate IV in Small Business
- Certificate in Mental Health Co-Morbidity
Training Courses
- Aboriginal Cultural Awareness
- ACT Skills Training
- Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training
- DBT Skills Training Program
- Group Facilitation Skills Training
- Mentoring Young People leaving Juvenile Justice Training
- Non-Violent Crisis Intervention
- Wise Choices Facilitator Training
- Legal First Aid - Subpoenas and Case Notes
- Mental Health First Aid Certificate
- Primary Health Care and Outreach Training
- HONOS Health of the Nation Outcome Training

My team continues to adapt and grow their skills and knowledge every day.

My approach to supervision

I use a very casual, collaborative approach when it comes to peer supervision. As a mental health peer supervision teacher, my teaching style is characterized by being casual, laidback, and conversation-oriented. I believe that people can learn so much from having a conversation where one person may have more practical knowledge but an exchange of ideas happens either way. I like supervisees to come to sessions with an outline of any barriers or questions and to work through those together.

One of the defining aspects of my teaching style is that I can be quite forthright about role expectations and where the "bar" should be set professionally. I believe that honesty is essential because it helps people learn from their mistakes and improve their skills. If you are looking for a supervisor that will help you strive to be the best at what you do then we may be a good fit!

Specialty areas:
Peer support,Consumer or family carer consultant
Mode of delivery:
Supervision size:

  • Monday
  • Tuesday
  • Wednesday
  • Thursday
  • Friday
  • Saturday
Australia Wide
Geographical area availability for supervision
We offer the following Peer Supervision Services:

Per Hour - $130
Group Supervision - $200 (per 4 participants)
Saturday Supervision - $150

Larger groups accommodated by private request