Welcome to the Consumer and Family Carer Perspective Supervisor Database.

This database is primarily designed to assist consumer lived-experience workers or family/carer lived-experience workers to find a suitable discipline-specific supervisor. Workers from other disciplines (e.g social work, nursing, psychiatry) can also use this database to find a suitable Lived Experience Supervisor to assist them to enhance their practice.

Supervisors listed in the database have asserted that they meet the minimum criteria for inclusion in the database, criteria that were developed through wide consultation, specifically:

The inclusion of a supervisor in the database is not an endorsement of that supervisor by CMHL. Rather, the information contained in the database can be used by workers seeking supervision to narrow their search for and select a supervisor. Workers seeking supervision are encouraged to contact potential supervisors directly for any further information or clarification needed in their search for a compatible/suitable supervisor.

Not all supervisors listed on this database are eligible to provide supervision under the Access to Supervision Project. If you are a supervisor interested in providing supervision under the Access to Supervision Project, please contact peerinside@cmhl.org.au for eligibility criteria

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This database should only be used by people who are seeking a supervisor. Using this database for other purposes (e.g. marketing or advertising) is not allowed.


Supervision Resources

Below are some links to key supervision resources.

Consumer perspective supervision summary of resources 

A companion resource for the CPS framework. To assist trainers, supervisors, and anyone else that would like further resources related to CPS and supervision models.

Launch of the Carer Perspective Supervision Framework

This is a recording of the launch of the framework on 1 December 2021, with special guest speakers and members of the co-design team.

Webinar: Consumer Perspective Supervision – what services need to know

The VMIAC webinar covers: 

  • Consumer perspective supervision values and principles 
  • The unique functions of consumer perspective supervision 
  • The benefits and outcomes of consumer perspective supervision 
  • Promoting consumer perspective supervision in mental health services

Creatively negotiating consumer perspective supervision (CPS) documentation with a supervisee

This video was created by Sandy Watson, inside out & associates Australia, for the Consumer Perspective Supervision Training Development Project. It informs CPS supervisors and supervisees about what to consider in regard to documentation.