About me

This supervisor has been approved to provide supervision under the ACCESS TO SUPERVISION PROJECT. If you are a supervisee who has received an approval email/letter from the CMHL you may contact this supervisor for supervision for this project, then follow the stated processes for supervision payment.

I am a registered Counsellor with training in supervision, and specialise in Lived Experience Practice. I am also a teacher with 10 years experience delivering and supporting adults to achieve qualifications in Community Services and Mental Health. A keen gardener, I live on the Gold Coast where I teach and provide services of Supervision for Peer Workers.

My experience

I am a Lived and Living Experience Practitioner, which means that my Counselling and Supervision work is informed by my own experience of distress, and working with the distress of others, using this experience with intention. I am both a mentor of Peer Workers and Trainer of Mental Health Support Workers with or without personal experience. I have been doing this work for 3 years, and prior to this I was a Peer Worker/Mentor in various roles throughout the community sector including Employment Services, AOD and Youth Work. Active in the Lived Experience community in my local area, with an Australian and International Network of psychotherapists and advocates of Peer Support Work.

My current role/work

I currently work for a Registered Training Organisation - Jigsaw Training, where I support students in their mental health qualifications including Cert IV MHPW and Diploma of Mental Health. I also operate my own consultancy business assisting organisations both Government and NGO to establish and support Lived Experience Workforce Development planning which includes Professional Development and provision of Supervision to individuals, groups and Managers of Peer Workers.

My training

I have a Degree in Teaching and a Masters in Counselling.
Cert IV in Training and Assessment, TESOL and Mental Health
Diplomas in Community Services - Community Development, Case Management and Child Protection.
Certificate of Supervision from Austalian Counselling Association to which I am registered.
A lifetime of living with anxiety and depression and developing the coping strategies to maintain financial and emotional independence.
Diagnosis - given in 2002 but unable to give back - BiPolar Disorder and PTSD - informes a strong interest in trauma

My approach to supervision

Curiousity - having sought out mentoring from Pat Deegan, Robyn Priest and Matthew Ball among many - I am a lifelong learner who approaches every conversation with a human being as an opportunity to hear something new. Acknowledgement is given that the individual has inner wisdom and expertise which surpasses anything the supervisor can offer, however sometimes this capacity is lost or disconnected and the role of the supervisor is to notice and assist with re connection and self certainty. Feedback from my supervisees indicates a strong sense of safe space and freedom to wholeheartedly engage with personal professional development - we do this together.

Specialty areas:
Peer support, Consumer or family carer consultant, Policy development, Strategic thinking
Mode of delivery:
In person, Phone, Online
Weekly, Fortnightly, Monthly
Supervision size:
Individual, Group

  • Monday
    • (Afternoon/
    • Evening)
  • Tuesday
    • (Afternoon/
    • Evening)
  • Wednesday
    • (Afternoon/
    • Evening)
  • Thursday
    • (Afternoon/
    • Evening)
  • Friday
    • (Afternoon/
    • Evening)
By Appointment, any other timeframe can be negotiated to suit individual or group needs.
South East Queensland or Far Northern NSW
Geographical area availability for supervision
A discount can be applied for multiple sessions paid in advance. Please contact me for details.